Street Flooding

I happened to be home for lunch yesterday when the storm came through. I got in my car and drove around the neighborhood for about 15 minutes. I watched each of the intersections for flooding (I did not go in the rear driveways.)

None of the areas flooded up to the sidewalk when I was there. Most flooding was up to the curb. There certainly was a lot of water at the intersections but none over the curb. To the right are pictures of water at intersections that drain slower than others.

The street that had, and continues to have, the most water is Chartres. However, like the other streets, it drained very rapidly within a few minutes of the rain letting up. There were a few trucks parked on Chartres but they did not get water in them.

Just a reminder that the best place to park your car to protect it from heavy rain is your garage.

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