Board Meeting January 29, 2020


DeLimon Board Meetings

The DeLimon Townhouse Association Annual Meeting took place on Wednesday, January 29, 2020, pursuant to Notice. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M. by President Dick Watson.

Quorum: The Secretary verified the attendance of a quorum.

Presentation of Proof of Mailing of Notice of Annual Meeting – The Secretary verified the mailing of the Notice of the Annual Meeting. (Attached)

Minutes from last Annual Meeting:

A Motion was made from the floor to suspend the reading of the Minutes of the 2019 Annual Meeting. Duly Seconded. Approved.

Reports of Officers:

President – Dick welcomed all in attendance.

A moment of silence for Deceased Members of our DeLimon Community in 2019 was observed.

Dick welcomed new homeowners to the community and asked them to introduce themselves.

Financials— Harry Kuhner submitted the following:

Committee Reports

“The summary of the financial statements indicates that the Association’s expenses exceeded income by $106,957, which was primarily a result of the decision by the Board to undertake the renovation of the Club House to be paid out of reserves not by special assessment.

“The Board signed a contract for the renovation of the first floor of the Club House for $84,408, and the Board also decided to set a budget total of $100,000 for the total construction, change orders and extra fixtures that had to be supplied by the Association. The final figures for those expenditures were $100,374, but, during the year, there were additional unbudgeted expenses, namely, required modifications to the streetlights ($13,608), the replacement of both Club House HVAC units ($10,264) and driveway repairs ($9,600).

“The Association’s resulting net reserve position as of December 31, 2019, was $155,897, and the Board has decided to continue the renovation of the Club House second floor to be paid out of reserves, which will be hopefully a relatively minimal expense.

“The Board still has to address on-going maintenance expenses which have been budgeted for 2020, and there will be some other large expenditures, e.g., re-plastering the pool, additional concrete work, etc.; however, the Board may defer decisions on those expenses until 2021.

“The Association’s major expense categories are security and landscaping which, exclusive of renovation expenses, account for approximately 65% of the total budget.

“The Association had built up a healthy reserve balance over many years, and it was the view of the Board that a portion of those reserves should be spent to enhance the quality of life by renovating the Club House; however, the Board wishes to preserve a comfortable reserve as protection against events that might prove costly.

“Therefore, while the Board is not considering an increase of the quarterly assessment in 2020, it may consider either an increase or special assessment in 2021.

“Respectfully submitted, Harry Kuhner, Treasurer”

Financial reports were attached to meeting agenda, and questions were taken from the floor. The cost of the clubhouse and future renovations to the second floor were addressed. The issue of future major expenditures for the Club House, e.g., re-plastering pool and patio improvements, were likely to be deferred
to 2021.

Landscaping—Jean Taylor

Jean complimented the owners that their home gardens look very nice. She then gave an update on tree and shrub care at the entrance way, and she reminded the dog owners to curb their dogs.

Maintenance—Kyle Waters

Kyle gave a recap of the attached list of projects, and he indicated that over 40 projects have been closed which include up-lighting of trees, updating streetlights to code and fixing irrigation heads. The streetlights are now upgraded to Parish code requirements.

Pest Control—Nancy Jane Carson

Nancy Jane gave a recap of the e-mail Dick sent out about the timing of the termite inspections, which are divided into three phases, asking each owner to contact Terminix or return their calls to set up a time since it is the responsibility of the homeowner. An e-mail was sent to all the residences, and a copy will also be posted by the mailboxes.

Security—Jana Fogleman

Jana went over duties and times of the security details, and she stated that she has met personally with Sheriff Joe Lopinto over the Association’s concerns. He reassured her that license plate readers are at every entrance to the Parish and our area is considered one of the safest in the Parish. Our security detail is on duty 8 P.M. till 4:30 A.M.

Ratification of Election of Directors

By unanimous consent, Jana Fogleman elected to a new three (3) year term. This brings Board membership to five (5) rather than the former seven (7) members, and it was indicated that the Board hopes to return to seven (7) members.

New Business

Clubhouse renovation progress as well as future plans for second floor were reviewed, with a discussion of possible quarterly gatherings at the new Club House when renovations are complete. Traditionally, the Club House will be reserved for events, but the Board wants to make it user-friendly for the owners and residents after the final Rules for the use of the Club House are adopted.

A further discussion of parking cars on the street was held with an explanation to the attendees of the limitations of the Association as to the public streets. Possible solutions including viability of parking tickets and asking neighbors to be courteous were discussed.

The Board then made a presentation of gifts to thank Dick, Jean and Kyle for their many years of services to our community. Below is a copy Wayne Woody’s speech:

“Since the beginning of the Delimon Townhouse Association, Dick Watson unequivocally has given more years to the Association to ensure our communities attractiveness, desirability and security than any other owner. He has been our 9th & 14th President, this last time for 8 years!

He has taken some heat along the way, like his most recent email to us, but it has always been with the support of the Board and the overwhelming number of positive replies.

“Similarly, Kyle Waters has seen to all the physical maintenance of our neighborhood, tirelessly dealing with the parish officials, contractors, etc. In recent times he has not been a member of the Board but served entirely as a volunteer. It is impossible to itemize all of the good work he has done but needless to say, we are indebted to him.

“Jean Taylor has supervised the maintenance and improvement of all of our Delimon landscaping. This has required endless attention to plants, trees, irrigation, insects etc. We have all benefited from her care, attention and enthusiasm.

“Recently, they all said “it’s someone else’s turn”. Those who follow them will have a substantial task to live up to their accomplishments.

“On behalf of the Board, and I’m certain all of their neighbors, we are deeply grateful for their tireless efforts, gracefully done.

“Thank goodness they are not moving and we know where they live. We may need their help, again.
Upon Motion duly made and seconded, the Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Eileen Gambel, Secretary