Board Meeting January 30, 2019


The DeLimon Townhouse Association Annual Meeting took place on Wednesday, January 30, 2019. The meeting was called to order by our President, Dick Watson at @ 7:10 p.m.

QUORUM –The President verified that there was a quorum present.

PRESENTATION OF PROOF OF MAILING OF NOTICE – The Certification of the Secretary of the mailing of the Notice of the Annual Meeting was presented.

Special Presentation – A special presentation by representatives of Terminix to inform the residents of the status of the termite protection. Joe Martin and Frank Grice explained the three part approach to protecting our townhouses. Questions were asked by the owners. A comprehensive plan is in place. Terminix will be follow up with each owner.

Reading and Approval of Prior Meeting’s Minutes- First on the agenda was the reading and approval of prior meeting’s minutes. There was a motion from the floor to suspend the reading and to approve the minutes. Seconded and approved.

Moment of Silence for Deceased members of our DeLimon Community in 2018-The President called for a moment of silence for the deceased members of the DeLimon community

Committee Reports

Report of Officers-The DeLimon officers each presented their reports:

President -Dick Watson—Welcome and Remarks

The President highlighted the major projects that were completed in 2018. Fountains have been repaired and refurbished. Clubhouse renovation is on the agenda for the coming year. Architect drawing up plans. Plans to install security cameras at the Metairie Road entrance. New lights for trees lining the entrance. Pool re-plastering and refurbishing of pool deck.

Lisa Crosby- New Townhouse Members Introduction

Three new members of our townhouse community. Only one was present, Mr. Peter Waters.

Treasurer-Harry Kuhner- Financial Statements

The financial statement for the past year and proposed budget for 2019 were available. The report of the Treasurer was as follows:

The summary of the financial statements indicates that the Association’s expenses exceeded income by $7,798.00, which resulted in a reserve balance of $261,288.00 as of December 31, 2018, which the Board believes is sufficient for the present.

The 2018 budget that was adopted would have provided for some additional surplus; however, the capital expenditures that the Board approved resulted in the expenditures to exceed the projected budget. Those expenditures which exceeded expectations were:

  1. Driveways – replacement of pads;
  2. Pressure washing the sidewalks;
  3. Pool signs & new patio grill; and
  4. Additional gardening & tree trimming.

Most of the other line items came in under budget; however, as the Maintenance Report will detail, there are additional capital expenditures anticipated in 2019 for needed repairs and replacement which have not been priced as yet.

The Association’s major expense categories are security and landscaping which accounted for approximately 61% of the total budget for 2018.

Respectfully submitted,
Harry Kuhner, Treasurer

Landscaping-Jean Taylor

New plants in the front circle at the entrance as well as by the fountains.

Maintenance-Kyle Waters

Attached is the project list. There have been 66 projects this past year with most completed. Fourteen are still open. Herculean task.

Termite/Pest Control-Nancy Jane Carson

Nancy reiterated the need for community co-operation for termite protection.

Security and Social—Jana Fogleman

The Spring Fling will be held earlier this year so it will not be as hot. Social gatherings on the clubhouse patio are taking place each Monday and Wednesday evening. Casual. All are invited. Jana met with Sheriff Joe Lopinto. Our security detail is in place each evening.

Ratification of Election of Directors

Two (2) Directors Nominated:

Harry Kuhner—300 Rue St. Ann
Wayne Woody—321 Rue St. Peter
President Dick Watson asked for voice vote. Passed.

New Business

From the floor, Priscilla Dalton brought up the issue of cars parked in the street. Discussion of use of garage. Dick calmly pointed out these are city streets and people can park on the street. If the police start to issue tickets then many homeowners will not be able to park in front of their own townhouses. People suggested speed bumps. Dick, again, addressed the fact these are city streets and that is not a possible solution. Suggestions to talk to a neighbor or worker in the area may solve an issue.

Beverly Wainer would like the letter delivery person to put up a flag when mail is delivered.

Lighting in cul de sac —difficult to put in a new light post. Asking them to turn on porch light.

Adjournment: President Dick Watson adjourned the meeting. Refreshments and mingling followed.

Respectfully submitted,
Eileen Gambel, Secretary