Board Meeting January 24, 2018


The DeLimon Townhouse Association Annual Meeting took place on Wednesday, January 24, 2018.

The meeting was called to order by our President, Dick Watson @ 7:23 p.m.

Roll Call & Quorum Determination:

Bruce Barron, Secretary, verified that there was a quorum for the Annual Meeting, confirming the number of Members present was 22 and 21 by proxy for a total of 43 (34.4%)

Reading and Approval of Prior Meeting’s Minutes – First on the agenda was the reading and approval of prior Annual Meeting’s minutes. There was a motion by Kyle Waters to suspend the reading and to approve the minutes, which was seconded by Jean Taylor and the minutes were approved.

Proof of Mailing of Notice of Annual Meeting – The President presented a copy of the Proof of Mailing of Notice of Annual Meeting and informed the Members that copies were available, if anyone wanted a copy.

Moment of Silence for Deceased Members of our DeLimon Community in 2017 – The President called for a moment of silence for the deceased members of our DeLimon community.

Report of Officers – The DeLimon Board Officers each presented their reports

President – Dick Watson – Welcome & Remarks

The President highlighted the activities of the Board over the past year:

  • Revised and approved the DeLimon Rules and Procedures – Upgraded Street Lights
  • Driveway concrete repairs – Safety mirrors and signs at the Focis St. exit
  • Rodent/Pest Control short-term contract – Termite Liquid Barrier renewal for Driveway and Patios
  • Dog Waste signs – Trim Trees and Bamboo behind St. Ann / Rosa St. fence

The President thanked the outgoing Board Members – Mackie Gremillion & Dr. Bruce Barron and presented them with a gift basket on behalf of the Association, for their service.

He also thanked all of the current Board Members for their valuable service during 2017, with a special thank you to Lisa Crosby for her assistance to the Board.

Secretary – Bruce Barron – New Townhouse Members Introduction

The Secretary acknowledged the new Townhome Owners and their address; unfortunately none were able to be in attendance.

  • Edel Blanks 809 Rue Decatur
  • André LaBorde 201 Rue Saint Ann
  • Kathy Rabin 211 Rue Saint Ann
  • Dorothy Robbins 219 Rue Saint Ann
  • Bonnie & Peter Waters 328 Rue Saint Peter


Treasurer – Harry Kuhner – Financial Statements

The Treasurer presented the 2017 financial report for the Association.

A summary of the financial statements indicates that the Association’s income exceeded expenses by $954.00, which resulted in a reserve balance of $268,611.00 as of December 31, 2017, which the Board believes is sufficient for the present.

The Board decided to eliminate the separate termite assessment, as it was decided that all expenses should be covered by the quarterly dues, and, as a result, the new yearly assessment was set at $2,200.00 ($550/Qtr.), which is a net reduction of $50.00 in total fees from 2017.

The budget for 2017 had been adopted based on the assumption that the termite expenses were going to be essentially the same as 2016, which was in error; however, after consideration of alternatives, the Board was able to approve rodent control, a new schedule of liquid barrier treatment by Terminix for the patios, and the replacement of concrete pads, which the maintenance report will detail.

The Association’s major expense categories are Security and Landscaping which account for approximately 61% of the total budget.

The 2017 Financial Statement and the 2018 Budget

Committee Reports

The President turned over the floor to the various Committee Members so that they could issue their report to the Members in attendance.

By-Laws & Rules – Kyle Waters

The By-Laws & Rules Committee, chaired by Kyle Waters, revised the DeLimon Townhouse Association Rules, including fines for violations of those Rules. The Rules Committee, after 16 or more meetings, forwarded the recommendations for the revised Rules to the Board. Prior to review, the Board distributed copies of the Rules & Procedures along with the Committee’s recommendations to all Association Members to seek their observations and suggestions. The revised Rules are intended to (1) reflect the provisions of the governing documents of the DeLimon Townhouse Association, Inc., and (2) provide guidance to its residents. The objective is clearly stated in the Preamble to these Rules. The proposed enforcement provisions are intended to secure compliance, not punishment. Some of the major areas revised include animal control and welfare, rental of townhouses, townhouse appearance and maintenance, and vehicles, parking, and garages.

The revisions were distributed to Association Members electronically and by United States Postal Service on October 17, 2017. An informational meeting for Association Members regarding the revisions was held on November 8, 2017. Comments and recommendations from Association Members and Directors were taken into consideration and discussed, and the Board adopted the Rules on November 14, 2017. The Revised Rules were distributed to Association Members electronically on November 27, 2017, and by United States Postal Service on November 29, 2017. The Rules will be available in the Association’s 2018 Directory and on the Association’s website.

These Rules were approved and adopted by the Board as of Nov. 14, 2017 after input from owners who attended the “informational meeting” held Nov. 8th and other comments to the Board. A hard copy was mailed to all Members.

The Board expects that all owners and residents will have read and understand the Rules as the Board will be enforcing them using the procedures outlined in the document. Please take note of the fines that can be levied for violations.

In January, 2018, sixteen violation notices were sent to townhouse owners; the fines were waived. The grace period for noncompliance with the Revised Rules and automatic waiving of fines is coming to an end.

Landscaping – Jean Taylor

Jean reported that the freeze killed a lot of plants. It was recommended to not cut back or remove plants until it is certain that the plants are dead. Jean reminded Members that the Members need to submit to the Board for approval any changes to the landscaping in front of their Townhomes. Homeowners may contact Randy if they would like his help with landscaping; arrangements and payment for Randy’s services should be made with him directly.

Dogs must be kept on a lease and you should not let your dog do its business in someone’s garden or in a front lawn

of other townhouses. Pets should relieve themselves in the grass between the sidewalk and street; pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets.

Christmas decorations should not be placed on lawns because they are obstacles that must be moved by Randy in order for him to maintain the lawn. 

Please do not park on the grass between the sidewalk and street; water irrigation lines are buried shallowly in those areas and can be damaged.

Finally, Members must bag their garbage and recyclables securely and remember not to put out for pickup on a holiday.

Termite/Pest Control – Mackie Gremillion

Mackie was unable to attend, so Dick Watson presented the Termite/Pest Control Report. All termite contracts for DeLimon Townhouse Association were reviewed and renewed. A short-term Rodent/Pest Control contract was approved and Terminix treated the vacant lot for fleas and installed rat traps in the driveway and garden areas. The treatment proved to be successful. Preventative liquid barrier re-treatment, for the driveway and patios for termites is underway, and is being done in three phases. Phase I (along Rue Saint Peter) was completed in 2017.

The annual termite inspections were conducted. Follow up inspections, for those who missed their original appointment date, will be contacted to schedule a follow-up appointment. At the time of the meeting, there were no reports of active termite activity being discovered.

Maintenance – Kyle Waters 

Kyle presented the Maintenance Committee Report.

Kyle presented the master DeLimon Maintenance Report, listing 53 items, that have been completed or in the process of being completed (Copy Attached). Kyle Waters summarized some of those projects.

1. Streetlights were upgraded, replacing bulbs with more efficient bulbs

2. Safety signs and mirrors were installed at the Focis Street exit. The three DeLimon Associations (DeLimon Townhouse Association, Lower Pontalba Condominium Association, and Upper Pontalba Condominium Association) sent a letter to Jefferson Parish Department of Streets expressing concern about the safety of the two intersections where vehicular entrances/exits to DeLimon Place cross the newly installed sidewalk along Focis Street.

3. All intersections were striped or restriped.

4. Several concrete driveway pads were replaced.

5. Storm drain lines were flushed out.

6. Dog Waste signs were placed throughout DeLimon.

7. Plans for renovations/restoration of the clubhouse and the three fountains are being explored.

An Association Member expressed concern about crumbling street curbs and sinking utility pits. All streets in the townhouse section of DeLimon Place are public streets except for the street that exits onto Focis Street. Maintenance of street curbs is the responsibility of Jefferson Parish Department of Streets. Sinking utility pits were addressed with Entergy in the past without resolution; these will be readdressed. (In the past Entergy wanted to put bollards around each utility pit, which was not acceptable to Association Members.)

An Association Member expressed concern about the new gas line along Rue Saint Ann.

All servitudes along the proposed gas line have been identified and marked; however, this does not mean that all of those areas will be excavated. Anyone interested in having a natural gas service line installed should contain Jan Schexnayder at Atmos Energy.

An Association Member expressed concern about the safety of crossing Metairie Road at the main entrance to DeLimon Place. Metairie Road is a State highway, and it is doubtful that a stoplight or crosswalk will be installed at that location.

Security – Dick Watson

Dick reported that we have had very few incidents security wise this year in DeLimon. There were only two reported incidents: A burglary was reported at 201 Rue St. Ann, during a clean-up and move-out by the former a resident. The burglars broke one of the garage windows and climbed in the garage. No one was home at the time and the alarm was not set. A couple of items, stored in the garage, turned up missing and were allegedly stolen. A police report was filed.

A resident was followed home, after a late night event, by a suspicious vehicle. The resident called 911 and the JPSO responded; detaining the woman, driving the vehicle, for questioning. A police report was filed.

Dick noted that we are currently paying $27/Hr. for the JPSO security service and that some slight increase in the rate could be possible for 2018, after the sheriff’s election.

Ratification of Election of Directors

The President indicated that since there are five (5) vacancies on the Board for 2018, and five (5) nominations, there was no need to solicit ballots for election of Directors this year. A motion for voice approval confirmation of the new Directors was made by Harry Kuhner, seconded by Bruce Barron.

The following slate of Directors was unanimously approved:

  • Richard Watson – 312 St. Ann
  • Jean Taylor – 209 St. Ann
  • Jana Fogleman – 315 St. Peter
  • Eileen Gambel – 803 Royal
  • Nancy Jane Carson – 806 Chartres

Unfinished Business

New Directory for 2018 – Lisa Crosby

A new DeLimon Directory was published in 2016. The next updated version will be done in 2018, we will be asking for updated contact information