Broken Garage Light Fixture or Photo-Cell

Maintenance Committee

Broken Garage Light Fixture or Photo-Cell The DeLimon Townhouse Association board continues to do its best to ensure safety and security around the neighborhood.  In that regard, we have enacted the following:

  • increased the hours off-duty Jefferson Parish Police officers patrol the neighborhood
  • we are looking into increasing the illumination of the front entrance to make it easier for officers to see who is coming into the neighborhood
  • we have asked all residents to place a second DeLimon sticker on the front left side bumper of all of your cars (driver’s side) which will indicate to the officers that you are a resident.

All these measures will help us improve safety BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP as well. We ask that you repair your garage light fixture and/or photo-cell if they are broken. The DeLimon Townhouse Association replaces burned out light bulbs on a regular basis but several fixtures or photo-cells are simply broken. We ask that you call your electrician and repair them or replace them.

If you are unable to repair your fixture, please let me know and the Association will send out an electrician to do it for you.  The charge will be added to your next dues bill. Any fixtures or photo-cells not repaired by the end of this year will be automatically replaced by the Association and added to your bill.  We want to make sure our driveways are well-lit and safe.  So please repair yours or we will replace it for you. We’re trying to make this easy.

If you have questions, please call me at 289.1231.  Thank you and have a safe and happy holiday. And remember, no garbage pickup on or the Friday after Thanksgiving.  Please DO NOT place garbage curbside until Sunday, November 27th after 4:00 PM.